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News: 08.26.2009
Annual celebration for Beethoven and Lizst in Krzyzanowice
Every year the city of Krzyzanowice, in the south of Poland, celebrates the memory of the passage of Beethoven and Lizst in the beautiful region.
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News: 08.19.2009
Mechtilde Lichnowsky was a writer, composer, painter and lover of the arts.
She was borned Mechtilde Christiane Maria Gräffin Von und zu Arco-Zinneberg, on 8 of march 1879 in Shonburg, Niederbayern, daughter of Maximilian Graf Von Arco-Zinneberg and Olga Von Konstantin Friedrich Alfons und Werther.
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Count Michel Lichnowsky visits Poland and Czech Republic

Since the Lichnowsky family was forced to leave their many possessions in Poland and the Czech Republic after World War II, none of the members of the family had ever returned to those countries.

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History - 08.25.2009
Felix Lichnowsky (1814-1848)
Called by one of his contemporaries "The Last of the Knights", Felix Lichnowsky was borned in Hradec nad Moravici, Czech Republic in April 5, 1814.
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History : 09.06.2009
A Pianist and his Patrons
During Beethoven's initial years in Vienna, he was simultaniously patronized by a number of individual nobles.
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Property Restitution : 09.03.2009
Documents for those interested in properties restitutions in the Czech Republic:
Stephen Weeks rights about two cases (Lichtenstein and Shwarzenberg), interview with the ruling Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein and the Benes Decree.

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News : 21.10.2011

Mrs Ludmila Fergg Wehowsky lectures about her homeland and Carl Max Lichnowsky in the "Residenzkreis " in Munich. (Englisn and German versions available).

News : 09.11.2009

Lobkowicz Palace
There were more or less 30 Princely Houses in the Austro-Hungarian Empire...
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News : 09.14.2009
Count Eduardo Lichnowsky visits Borucin in Poland
While visiting Krzyzanowice in Poland I was invited for many activities. The local authorities not only offered me accomodation in the Lichnowsky Palace...
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History : 09.23.2009
Karl Max Lichnowsky
The history of European diplomacy in the 20th century presents no more tragic figure than imperial Germany's last ambassador in London, Prince Karl Max Lichnowsky (1860-1928).
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News : 10.08.2009
Eduardo visits Czech Republic: After my two day stay in Prague I got the Pendolino Train at the main station and went straight to Hradec nad Moravici, in Silesia.
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Paintings by
Erica Lichnowsky
She started painting and studying art in the late 60's in Rio de Janeiro, where she lived most of her life. Erica is now living in a small fisherman village called Buzios, where she is working for her next exposition.
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